Fender fridge

The newest in cool combines the iconic look of the Marshall Amp with the utility of a small refrigerator and joins the latest trend of hot new must-have’s: Meet the . Een andere afbeelding meldenMeld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. Marshall Fridge koopt u bij Bax-shop met de laagste prijs garantie en dagen niet goed geld terug garantie.

Beer Bottle Cap Catcher – Stainless Steel. Shop for the Marshall Compact Refrigerator in and receive free shipping and guaranteed lowest price. Fender Red Original Logo Bar Stool Shorty. Bar Fridge (MF-4400-NA) – Black : The Marshall Fridge features authentic Marshall Amp parts including logos, fret cloth, and a brass-finished .

A fridge that musicians and music lovers around the world can display and use proudly in their homes, offices, bars and studios. Marshall amplifiers are as synonymous with rock and roll as Fender guitars, leather. The amp-fridge will keep your beer cool and even has a volume knob that . I think they’re some sort of limited edition.

I saw this on Bananas at Large’s Facebook page.