Irobot looj

With the iRobot Looj 3Gutter Cleaning Robot, you just put the ladder in one spot and let the robot travel for you – blasting away leaves, dirt, clogs and sludge . The iRobot Looj 3Gutter Cleaning Robot blasts away leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean. Featuring a high-velocity, four-stage auger and .

Illustration video for the iRobot Looj 3review on Robot Buying Guide ( . Save Big On Open-Box Pre-owned: Buy iRobot Looj 3Gutter Cleaning Robot” from Amazon Warehouse Deals and save off the $299. The iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot features a high-velocity, four-stage auger for improved debris management. The iRobot Looj 3is a robotic gutter cleaner that takes a tedious, sometimes dangerous chore and makes it a bit easier and a lot safer, .

In the market for an automated gutter cleaning solution? Robot’s Looj series has been cleaning out leaves, acorns, and assorted muck since it was announced in 2008.