Rok espresso maker review

The ROK Espresso maker is probably better known by its previous name, the Presso. However, this isn’t just a simple re-branding; the new . A more in depth look at the ROK Espresso Maker.

This product used to be called the Presso but due to some. This Rok Manual Espresso Maker is fantastic! The coffee comes out strong, creamy and with a . Is the ROK Espresso Maker the key to great espresso drinks without breaking.

Whole Latte Love in exchange for a review. ROK Espresso Coffee Maker: ROK is a manual, non-electric espresso maker. I suspect most people looking at this review will be judging it against eletricly . Spotlighted by GQ magazine as one of the Best Stuff of.

This review is for the ROK release with company-claimed improvements made to the original. I never owned the original PRESSO, so I offer no . The ROK Espresso Maker is a manual non-electric espresso machine.